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New Study Highlights Value of ACE Leadership Academy for Department Chairs

According to a new study, many department chairs receive only minimal training. And when chairs do receive training, they typically focus on hard skills “that may or may not be relevant rather than on interpersonal and other soft skills that can make or break a departmental climate,” found the study, which was funded by the … Continue reading

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How Do Campuses Support International Students?

From the last edition of ACE’s Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses, here’s a snapshot of on-campus support for international students: This chart is from the 2011 edition of the survey. The new edition is scheduled to be released in spring 2017, and will address the percentage of institutions that offer a “pathway” or bridge program … Continue reading

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UTEP President Diana Natalicio Bridging Borders Between Access and Excellence

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), situated along the U.S.-Mexico border, has long been focused on both access and excellence and providing its students authentic and stimulating educational opportunities. At the helm of this charge for the past 28 years has been Diana Natalicio, president of UTEP and a former chair of the … Continue reading